Adult Students

Linda Casey's Debut Internet Music Video! March 2018 "Lady Bird" is a sixteen-bar jazz standard by Tadd Dameron. This "celebrated" composition, "one of the most performed in modern jazz", was written around 1939, and released in 1948. Featuring, "a suave, mellow theme," it is the origin of the Tadd Dameron turnaround (in C: CM7 Eb7 AbM7 Db7). An example of Dameron's interest in keys and/or roots related by thirds, the piece is in binary (or AABC) form and features, through the use of ii-V turnarounds, movement toward three keys other than the tonic; E♭, A♭, and G. The first three four-measure phrases end with secondary ii-V's, while the last ends instead with the "Tadd Dameron turnaround" resolving to the tonic.