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Fata Morgana-House Hunting

I knew instinctively that Claire Machado was born to make her mark on the world.  That was about then years ago.  She's been busy since.   Fox Rhett is a multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer/performer.

"My most recent full album release was the House Hunting Album Fata Morgana, I call it art rock personally because it was very experimental in nature. I wrote all lyrics and melodies, but had fairly little songwriting input in the instrumentals of this project. It’s truly a project where each member’s strengths shine in synergy with the whole”


I recently sang on a track from my Berklee classmate’s electro-pop project Oseas Kline. He wrote lyrics and melody.


I’m currently taking some time to explore my artistry and play in different genres. I’ve been experimenting with jazz, blues, hip hop, r&b, pop, mantra music and anything else people throw me. One project I’m excited about is a sort of lyrical cognitive weaving over hip hop inspired beats I’m planning to release with a poetry/lyric book. In addition I’m experimenting with a more pop oriented project as well as a separate project surrounding the Gurmukhi mantras used in the Kundalini Yoga tradition. I’ve started a business called Metatron Music Group under which I manage and coach music artists and other conscious creative business owners. I also plan to release music through MMG and hope to grow it into an entity with ideals of activism through music. And if I’m thinking big, I want to grow Metatron Music Group into a label-like business revolutionizing the music industry for the new wave of artists who recognize the power and beauty of music as a medium for change on both micro and macro levels.