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Charlene Williams plays her favorites!

"On the Rebound" is a 1961 instrumental by pianist Floyd Cramer. In contrast to most of Cramer's work, which consisted mostly of countrypolitan ballads, "On the Rebound" was an uptempo rock and roll instrumental. It made No. 4 in the US and No. 1 in the UK.

"On the Rebound" was later featured during the opening credits of the 2009 Oscar-nominated film "An Education" which was set in England in 1961.

Charlene became enamored with Silvan Zingg some time ago and dedicated her musical life to transcribing, memorizing and performing his classic rendition of "Sentimental Journey." Transcribing is the process by which the listener painstakingly determines the exact pitch and rhythm of each musical event played by the performer, in this case Mr. Zingg, and commits their musical decisions to the page.  It's very exacting and painstaking work.


Silvan Zingg (born 19 March 1973) is a Swiss boogie woogie, blues and jazz pianist and founder in 2002 of the International Boogie Woogie festival in Lugano, Switzerland.

"I'm Beginning to See the Light" is a popular song and jazz standard, written by Duke Ellington, Don George, Johnny Hodges, and Harry James, and published in 1944. Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots featuring Bill Kenny recorded a version in 1945, that was on the pop song hits list for six weeks in 1945, reaching #5. A competing 1945 recording by Harry James and his Orchestra,[1] with lead vocal by Kitty Kallen reached #1 for two weeks in January of that year. James' version of the song reached #7 on Billboard's Second Annual High School Survey in 1945.



In her early beginnings as a Pathwork student Charlene was determined to leave her serious classical training behind.  Even though she was a very accomplished musician steeped in the literature of Rachmaninoff and Saint-SaĆ«ns, she felt called to leave that world behind and follow her heart into  boogie-woogie.  This is an early video of her original composition

"Char's Blues."