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Pathwork Music Services

  •     Welcome to Pathwork Music Services

    Pathwork Music Services is a full service teaching/recording studio in Concord, California.  The studio began in 1987 and has helped hundreds of students fall in love with music making and many to pursue careers in music performance, composition and education.


    Sessions are all one-on-one, teacher/student, experiential with a focus on adapting the teaching style to the learning style of the student.   All styles of music are embraced however the classics of all genres are presented with the respect they deserve.


    The studio provides instruction on:



    Acoustic - Electric Guitar & Electric Bass

    Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Baritone, Trombone,

    Music Theory/Composition/Production

  •   Pathwork Studios: A Brief Tour

    Studio A doubles as recording central and teaching studio.  It's not big.   It's cozy; the perfect space for two people.  With up to date technology and educational features that aren't found in your typical teaching space, Pathwork brings music technology into focus as an educational tool. You can find out all the details of the studio on the Studio Tools pages.

    Studio B is the multipurpose room.  It is used as the primary space for vocal and instrumental recordings but also holds the print library of music and texts.  Most of the time, Studio B serves as a waiting room for sibling students and parents.  The couch is comfortable and the library will keep people occupied for a long time.


  • Performance Opportunities:  VRP and the Performance Program

    The Virtual Recital Program gives each student and opportunity to prepare a selection for audio and video recording.  Upon satisfactory completion that recording is placed on YouTube for worldwide Internet distribution and onto the students personal home page here on the Pathwork site.  The site is organized into three groups Adult Students, School Students, and Previous Students.  Click the links to the left.


    Performance Programs are held at the Mt. Diablo Unitarian Universalist Church in Walnut Creek.  The typical recital format is modified to create a more welcoming atmosphere.  Students are encouraged to present at each event, but participation is not mandatory.  Adults and School Students participate in two separate programs.  Click the link to the left.